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Naturist Youth Opportunities in Florida

Weekend activities for children under ten

Sunsport Gardens has a crowd of active kids around at almost any time.

Cypress Cove and Lake Como have kids' events for some holidays.

All of the above and Tallahassee Naturally have playground equipment.

Week-long camps for teens

TNS Youth Camp: (Sunsport Gardens) This is mostly little kids (age 3-15) with parents staying on the grounds. Teens help with the younger ones. Emphasis is on building confidence.

Events for college students

Annual College Greek Athletic Meet:: (Tallahassee Naturally) The world's only authentic re-enactment of the ancient pentathlon. Athletes and non-athletes compete in separate classifications.

Full-Moon Skinny-Dips: (Tallahassee Naturally) Monthly campfire and marshmallows during the warm months--attracting mostly college students. Overnight camping is an option.

Friday Night Drum Circle: (Sunsport Gardens) Young people celebrate around the campfire,. and then may break into volleyball or swimming.

Florida Young Naturists: (Usually south or central Florida) About three times a year, people under 30 gather from far and near for a weekend of yoga, swimming, volleyball, and other fun.

Young Adult Naturists Fests: (Sunsport Gardens) Similar to FYN fests..

Awards for students

Junior Man & Junior Woman of the Year (age 5-17): This is an AANR short essay competition, with two $100 prizes.

AANR Junior Award for Nudist Studies (age 5-22): $300 for the best nudist-related school project submitted for a grade.

NEF Junior Scholastic Award (high school): $250 for a 1500- to 3000-word essay good enough to publish in a magazine. Must be a TNS member.

Naturist Education Foundation scholarship: $1,000 for a publishable scholarly article (competitions twice a year). Must be a current TNS member (possibly just joined) and a current college student. Graduate students are eligible.

AANR-FL scholarships: $1,000 awarded to two college students each year. Requirements include nudist activity, 2 years of AANR membership and an essay. Graduate students are eligible, but scoring is weighted in favor of younger students.

AANR Education Foundation scholarships: Varying amounts--mainly intended as matching awards for regional winners--but others may apply, including graduate students or those who do not meet regional membership requirements.

American Nudist Research Library scholarship: $1,000 to a high school senior or graduate within the last two years. Requirements include 3 years in any nudist organization (not necessarily national) and a brief essay.