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We Invite You To Consider Naturism

To go nude outdoors is to open your body totally to the experience of wind, sun, and water. When you are free from the constraints of clothing you will finally understand the beauty and simplicity of the human body and realize that you are truly a part of the natural world. Naturists enjoy a special bond with the Earth you can't get any other way.

Naturists believe that part of our public lands should be set aside for the use of people who like to enjoy them in the nude. We enjoy the same outdoor activities that other people do -- hiking, swimming, canoeing, camping -- but we like the freedom of doing them in the nude, without the restraints and compulsion of clothes. As taxpayers and people who share in our natural legacy, we want governments to recognize our rights to enjoy public land in our own manner. Naturally, we support the preservation of our wilderness lands, rather than exploitation.

The first rule of naturism is to treat Mother Earth with respect. Tallahassee Naturally does not permit any littering, cutting of live trees, disturbing of nests and burrows or any environmentally irresponsible act. Nude beaches are always the cleanest beaches.

Because we seek privacy and respect the feelings of people who are not naturists, we use the most remote areas for our activities. There are over 300 recognized nude recreation areas in the United States, many of them legal. Tallahassee Naturally uses local National Forest grounds, a deserted beach and a private lake for our outings. We invite you to come with us and compare the naturalness and cleanliness of our spots with those of crowded public facilities.

If this is your first visit, there are a few things you need to know to make your visit safe, fun and relaxing. By following a few simple guidelines you can spend your day free of worries. Naturally!

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