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Birds Watching at Suntan Lake

If you are interested in bird watching or just love nature, you will be happy to learn that many species of birds can be view at Suntan Lake. If you are new to bird watching you might want to check out the following sites to get more information:

Below is a list of birds that have been seen at Suntan Lake. Because some folks are not novice to bird watching, the list is provided using a two alpha code system. The first letter provides info about how COMMON a sighting is. The second code provides info about WHEN you might see the bird.

Two Alpha Code System
1st Code for How Common a Sighting Is 2nd Code for When Sighted
A stands for Abundant Y stands for Year-round
C stands for Common S stands for Summer
U stands for Uncommon W stands for Winter
R stands for Rare M stands for Migrant

List of birds categorized:

primitive waterfowl herons ducks hawks chicken-like birds shorebirds miscellaneous families woodpeckers flycatchers swallows jays and crows little birds thrashers thrushes
  • RY American robin
  • other perching birds vireos warblers blackbirds
  • RS orchard oriole
  • RY common grackle
  • finches