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For a fall event, Tallahassee Naturally announces the Fourth Annual Trynudethon (nude triathlon) on Saturday, September 17.  (Rain date is September 24.)

The course is short but challenging:

The race begins and ends nude. Those who want to take the time may put on shoes (or a sports bra) for the running part, and remove them again before the finish line.


All day: Skinny-dipping, sunbathing, canoeing, paddle boat, volleyball.

The $20 registration fee for a contestant also waives the usual daily grounds fee for the whole family for the whole day. Playground equipment is available for the children.

Medallions will go to the fastest three men, and the fastest three women.


This is a much easier half-course that does not require a mountain bike, but can be done with an ordinary street bicycle. The fastest three men and women in this division receive certificates. There is no entry fee for the Lite race.

Friday night is a Full-Moon Skinny-Dip.  Free overnight rustic camping is available. Just make sure you don't pitch your tent where people will be racing in the morning

If you have questions, contact or call (407) 818-7495. 

If you don't have the right bicycle, you can rent one online at You can pick it up at 1909 Thomasville Road in Tallahassee before 5:00 pm Friday and return it before 5:00 pm Saturday.