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Welcome to Tallahassee Naturally

Tallahassee Naturally is a group of men and women dedicated to the advancement of family naturist recreation in the Big Bend.

Our club is an official Travel Club of the American Association for Nude Recreation, and an affiliate of The Naturist Society. We rent private property weekends and organize trips to secluded wilderness areas. Our club offers a safe, relaxed, and fully legal environment for our members to be bare and free, the way Nature intended.

Tallahassee Naturally Inc, DOES STILL EXIST

If you received mail returned earlier this year:   The Post Office Blocked our P O Box and returned mail:   AFTER WE HAD PAID THE BOX RENT!
(Something about a new person in charge of box rents or something……)

Tallahassee Naturally Inc, IS MOVING

We are leaving the lake we have rented for 28 years. Our last lake event will be our monthly Picnic Sunday, 2017 May 28, at 1 pm.

Anyone returning to the lake after that date will be trespassing and subject to arrest.

ALL of the remaining Full Moon Skinny Dips in 2017 have been cancelled.
            (If this is remotely unclear, please re-read the preceding note.)

Tallahassee Naturally will go on. We have made arrangements for a temporary location for the rest of 2017. Members may call or e-mail for directions.

There are several things that will be different about the rest of this year. Our new landlord has established several conditions, the first of which is:

Members Only.
In our efforts to spread the word on social nudism and create a place where folks would feel comfortable to come—perhaps for a first time—with no questions asked—we have followed a far more liberal admissions policy than any land club we are aware of anywhere in the world—we have now agreed to our landlord’s condition:   Members only.

Anyone who has or will consider joining Tallahassee Naturally, and anyone who has come out and enjoyed nature in the buff without joining our organization:   This would be a great time to join.

We are also not allowed or allowing anyone to come to or go from the property after ~8 pm—which is a part of the reason for cancelling the Full Moons. Camping over will be allowed (with prior notice).

On the other side we are also required to provide a porta-poddy—in place of our long grandfathered-in open-top latrine.

In exchange our rent is going up—this is 2017 after all, and we had a great deal but rents do go up over time—so please pay those grounds fees so we can keep annual income up to our new annual expenses.

If you have or know of suitable land that we might want to use please let us know. The clock is ticking on the time we have to find a new permanent or longer term home.

Thank you.