Volume 27, Number 2 2015 April


3 Full-Moon Bonfire

12 Board meeting

26 First monthly picnic. Dustin will host.


1 Full-Moon Skinny-Dip

2 World Naked Gardening Day

17 Board meeting (1 week late)

22-25 Memorial weekend campout. Lake open Monday

29 Full-Moon Skinny-Dip

31 Picnic & memorials. Doug will host.


12-14 AANR-FL convention, Suwannee Valley Resort near Lake City

14 Board meeting

20 Sinkhole tour

26 Full-Moon Skinny-Dip

28 Picnic. Steve will host.


10-12 Campout

12 National Nude Weekend OPEN HOUSE & board meeting

11-19 TNS Youth Camp, Sunsport Gardens near Loxahatchee

26 Picnic & seminar. Jim will host.

31 Full-Moon Skinny-Dip


9 Board meeting

9-15 AANR Convention in Idaho

28 Full-Moon Skinny-Dip

30 Picnic. Grant will host.


5-6 Back-to-school campout

7 Lake open Monday

13 Board meeting

25 Last Full-Moon Skinny-Dip & campout

27 Trynudethon (Rain date: Oct. 4), picnic & college activities. Robyn will host.


11 Board meeting

23 Full-Moon Bonfire

25 Last monthly picnic. Wendy will host.


8 Board meeting--Calendar planning


13 Christmas banquet & board meeting

General Information

  • Families with children are especially encouraged to come on picnic days.
  • Meetings and picnics usually start at 2:00. If both are on the same day, we start at 1:00.
Tallahassee Naturally is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of naturist recreation in north Florida and nearby areas. The club is an affiliate member of both the Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Bare and Free is the official Newsletter of the Tallahassee Naturally Club. Articles appearing in Bare and Free may be reprinted by other naturist publications, provided that credit is given. Photos, however, may only be reprinted with written permission.

Club members are encouraged to submit , articles news items, and photos for publication. Please address all submission to: Tallahassee Naturally, P.O. Box 6866, Tallahassee FL, 32314 or

Natuist Society
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We Elect Old and New Officers

At our Annual Business Meeting, we elected this slate of officers:

  • President--Grant
  • Corresponding Secretary--Bruce H.
  • Recording Secretary--Robyn
  • Treasurer--Doug
  • Board Members-at-Large--Jim O., Dustin, Steve Hi.

The board later elected Bruce as President Pro-Tem when the president is not available. Doug emphasized that he is serving as interim treasurer; we are looking for someone to take over that job.

These are our committees:

  • Grounds--Jim P. (chair), Bruce H., Wayne
  • Land Search--Richard (chair), Paul
  • Social--Dustin (chair)
  • Political--Bruce K. (chair), Rob, Steve Ha.

If you are interested in helping on a committee, speak with the chairman or Grant.

Jamie is back in town, and has agreed to take on her old jobs as webmaster and newsletter editor. Joyce was formally appointed bookkeeper.

The bylaw amendment passed, so that people cannot start random web pages.

We heard reports that last year's attendance ran high, but membership was low. That resulted in a slight financial loss. Paul pointed out that if we don't improve membership, we will be looking at fee increases a year from now. Later in the day, several lapsed members signed up, so things look promising. We will also be working to persuade some of our full-moon attenders to join.

Are You Expired?

If you have not renewed your membership in the last few weeks, you are expired. Prices are in the last newsletter. You can bring your payment to the lake, or mail it to:


POB 6866

Tallahassee, FL 32314

The new gate combination is on the back of your membership card. It goes into effect May 1. Do not give the combination to ANYONE for any reason. (Someone did, so that's why we need to change it.)

Lend a Hand on Gardening Day

Saturday, May 2 is National Nude Gardening Day, and we have projects to improve our land. The night before is a Full-Moon Skinny-Dip, so we hope people will camp over and be ready to help at 9:00 Saturday morning.

This year's projects include trimming brush and detouring around puddles where our bicyclists go during the Trynudethon. Then we will do more brush clearing by the pavilion.

Bring brush trimming tools, and gloves. Women and children can help haul the brush away. This club is totally run by volunteers, so your help is appreciated.

AANR-FL Meets Nearby June 12-14

For the third time in four years, AANR-Florida holds its convention at Suwannee Valley Resort near Lake City. This comes after decades of never venturing north of Orlando. Part of the reason is the excellent hosting at our neighboring club. If you want to see what an actual nudist resort is like, this is a fine time to check it out.

Suwannee Valley does not normally welcome people under 21, but they will that weekend. Just as we do a lot with the local student population, they emphasize military veterans.

There will be much to discuss at the convention. After years of inactivity, AANR-FL is vigorously helping to open new nude beaches. On the other hand, they suddenly abolished their college scholarship program. If you have thoughts or comments on these subjects, the convention is the proper time and place for them. It's also an opportunity to meet nudist leaders from around the state.

We will get more details to you as they become available.

Tour the Sinkholes June 20

The forests south of Tallahassee are dotted with sinkholes where people have skinny-dipped since the time of the Indians. Once a year, we lead a tour so you can discover where the best of them are, and go back anytime you want.

We meet at 10:00 in the parking lot of the Circle-K store on the corner of the Crawfordville Highway (US 319) and Capital Circle SE. (It is about 5 minutes beyond the main post office on South Adams Street—which becomes Crawfordville Highway.)

Bring $4 for parking at the sinkholes (no change provided). Expect to walk about three miles and visit half-a-dozen sinkholes. We will finish early in the afternoon.


A cool morning kept many students away from the College Greek Athletic Meet, but the afternoon turned out gorgeous. David from the University of South Florida took top honors in the male athlete division this year. Our own Robbie won the victory wreath for male non-athlete.

If you see puddles in our driveway, stay in the track. It has a solid gravel foundation—unlike the soft shoulders, where someone has made an awful mess that we have to rake smooth before we can mow the grass.

Single men especially, remember the club in your will or as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You can discuss details with Paul.

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