Volume 26, Number 1 2014 February

  • Annual Meeting Sunday, March 02
  • Bylaw Proposals
  • College Greek Athletic Meet March 30
  • It's Time to Renew
  • Announcements


  • 02 - ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING, Picnic, Election of officers, Organizational board meeting (1 week early)
  • 30 - 19th Annual College Greek Athletic Meet (Rain date: April 06)


  • 11 - First Full-Moon Skinny-Dip
  • 13 - Board meeting
  • 27 - First monthly picnic


  • 03 - World Naked Gardening Day
  • 09 - Full-Moon Skinny-Dip
  • 17 - Sinkhole tour
  • 18 - Board meeting (1 week late)
  • 23-26 - Memorial weekend campout. Picnic & memorials Sunday. Lake open Monday

General Information

  • Families with children are especially encouraged to come on picnic days.
  • Meetings and picnics usually start at 2:00. If both are on the same day, we start at 1:00.
Tallahassee Naturally is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of naturist recreation in north Florida and nearby areas. The club is an affiliate member of both the Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Bare and Free is the official Newsletter of the Tallahassee Naturally Club. Articles appearing in Bare and Free may be reprinted by other naturist publications, provided that credit is given. Photos, however, may only be reprinted with written permission.

Club members are encouraged to submit , articles news items, and photos for publication. Please address all submission to: Tallahassee Naturally, P.O. Box 6866, Tallahassee FL, 32314 or

Natuist Society

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Plan to Attend the Annual Meeting Sunday, March 02

This year, we are experimenting with holding our Annual Business Meeting a week earlier, before students leave on Spring Break. (We tried that experiment several years ago, but we have a lot more students attending our Full-Moon swims now.) The afternoon begins with a picnic at 1:00, followed by the membership meeting at 2:00. There will be a short organizational meeting of the new board after that. All members are invited to attend any board meeting.

Some of our long-time board members will not be standing for re-election this year, so we are looking for new people with fresh ideas. If you are interested, let Grant or Paul know. (But do it soon, because Paul will be in India the week before the meeting.)

We also have four bylaw proposals for your consideration and approval. Most of them don't really change anything—just keep up with longstanding practice and current technology. The board recommends a yes vote on each of them. The board also recommends keeping our fees exactly where they have been for the last seven years. Nevertheless, we have been asked to again consider the perennial question of lowering fees. After so many discussions, speakers will be limited to three minutes each.

Bylaw Proposals

Words to be deleted are crossed out. Words to be added are underlined.

Proposal I: Financial relief
Record longstanding practice by amending Article IX, section B to read:
B. Financial relief

1. Any member or person seeking membership may appeal to the board for reduction or elimination of fees because of hardship--such requests to be renewed and reviewed annually. Board members are not eligible for such relief.

Proposal II: Life membership Clarify the life membership by amending Article III, section I to read:          
I. On rare occasions, the board may award a life membership—subject to ratification at a membership meeting—to a person who:

a. Has been a club member for at least ten years.
b. Has spent much of that time as a board member or performing equal services.
This award is intended as a farewell gift or celebration of retirement from active club service. Life members are entitled to all the privileges of membership, and are exempt from all fees. The award is permanent, except that recipients are still subject to expulsion from the club for bad behavior under Article X. If a life member should seek to return to active service on the board, the entire membership must vote each year on continuing the fee exemption while the person is in office. The exemption shall then resume automatically when the person is no longer on the board.

Proposal III: Corresponding Secretary
Catch up with digital technology by amending Article V, section D to read:
D. Duties of the corresponding secretary

1. Maintain up-to-date e-mail lists for internal and external communication.
1 2. Make sure that all correspondence is promptly answered, or referred to the right person, and that incoming paper mail (other than individual inquiries) is posted for members to read.
2 3. Handle other correspondence as assigned by the president.
3 4. Maintain an adequate supply of public relations materials such as club brochures, fliers, and bulletin board displays.

Proposal IV: Treasurer Record longstanding practice by amending Article 5, section F to read:          
F. Duties of the treasurer

1. Collect fees, make deposits, and write checks.
2. Report on the club's finances at each membership or board meeting, and submit to the membership at least annually a detailed written report of income and expenditures.
3. Pay any required taxes, licenses, or insurance, and keep such documents on hand.
4. Send renewal notifications to members.
5. Maintain a current membership list.
6. Maintain attendance figures.
7. Report membership and attendance figures at meetings.

College Greek Athletic Meet Sunday, March 30

The nineteenth annual College Greek Athletic Meet will be held Sunday, March 30 (with a rain date of April 06). The 5-K Run originally planned for the day before has been canceled because Springtime Tallahassee jumped on our date. To avoid future conflicts, and because so many other nudist clubs are now offering 5-K runs, we have decided to concentrate on the two athletic events that are uniquely ours: the Greek Athletic Meet in the spring, and the Trynudethon in the fall.

Tallahassee Naturally presents the world's only authentically nude re-enactment of the ancient Greek pentathlon (long jump, discus, 200-yard dash, and javelin—with stand-up wrestling in case of a tie).

Students from Naturally FSU plan to be there. Students from other area colleges are invited. Actually, anyone of any age can compete, but the victory wreathes are reserved for the top college student in each entry category: male athlete, male non-athlete, female athlete, female non-athlete.

Competitors and their families get in free; spectators pay normal grounds fees.
Everyone will be nude.

The schedule is:
10:00 am   Registration
11:00 am   Demonstrations and practice in the ancient methods
   1:00 pm   Competition

The 11:00 session is important. There, you can learn about the Greek ideal of a well developed mind in a well developed body. If you have never thrown a discus or a javelin before, you will get a chance to try. Inexperienced competitors in past years have improved dramatically with just twenty minutes of practice.

A few people plan to camp Saturday night. For full details, check out Tallahassee Naturally Athletics

It's Time to Renew

Everyone's membership expires on March 31. Did you know that 86% of the money we collect in lake fees is paid annually; only 14% is paid daily. People like the convenience and the savings. (And our volunteer treasurer likes the convenience too...) Also, remember that renewing members are encouraged to deepen their commitment to social nudism by joining at least one of the national organizations. But which one? Many people join both.

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) card gives you a 20% discount when you visit most nudist clubs. (Many clubs won't let you in the gate without one or the other national card.) You get a monthly newspaper, which has become more interesting than it used to be. And you get the satisfaction of knowing your money is going to AANR's continuing public relations effort to make nudity popular and acceptable.

The Naturist Society is fighting to protect free beaches by stopping bad laws before they get made. Their quarterly magazine brings you thought-provoking and sometimes controversial topics. Their card is accepted just about everywhere that the AANR card is. And you can join a free Special Interest Group of naturists nationwide who share your hobbies or concerns.

Assuming that nothing changes at the Membership Meeting, fees for club members are:
Tallahassee Naturally—annual membership
$ 45 single/couple/family
$ 22 student
Tallahassee Naturally—lake fee for members (lake rental, use & upkeep)
$ 155 one year single / couple / family
$ 75 student—one year
$ 15 one day single / couple / family (pay on arrival)
$ 7 student—one day
The Naturist Society
$ 60 single / couple / family (or $110 for 2 years)
$ 50 student / senior citizen (or $ 90 for 2 years)
American Association for Nude Recreation
$ 68.50 couple
$ 38.00 single
$ 12.50 student
And of course donations to our Legal Fund or Land Fund are always welcome.


Naturally FSU has made statewide news. The Florida Channel interviewed three of the student leaders and distributed the story to public broadcasting radio stations across the state. If it is still up, you can listen to the broadcast or read the transcript at they-re-not-covered-under-indecent-exposure-bill. Reporters noticed the group when Mark joined Paul in addressing a committee of the state legislature about proposed changes in nudity laws. That bill still has to go through several more committees.

Paul also is making news with a new movie review column in The Bulletin. Every quarter, he will describe two nudist-friendly movies: one for the whole family, and another for teens and older. The first column presented a cartoon about Africa for the little kids, and two movies for teenagers to watch with their hippy grandparents: Hair, and Alice's Restaurant. The next installment will deal with the long history of nude swimming in boys' schools. If you don't get The Bulletin, the columns will be posted about a month later at Better yet, join AANR and get the The Bulletin when it comes out.

The updated list of AANR clubs has been printed. If you want one, see Paul. We also have AANR and TNS club and beach books on sale at a reduced price.

This year's Full-Moon Skinny-Dips begin a little earlier than usual—on April 11. We are hoping that last fall's large student turn-outs continue.

Single men especially: Remember the club in your will or as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. If you have questions, you can discuss this with Paul.

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