Volume 23

Number 1, February 2011


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Days to Remember


  • 13 - ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING, Picnic, Election of officers, Organizational board meeting
  • 27 - 16th Annual College Greek Athletic Meet (Rain date: April 10)


  • 10 - Board meeting
  • 15 - First Full-Moon Skinny-Dip
  • 24 - First monthly picnic


  • 7 - World Naked Gardening Day
  • 13 - Full-Moon Skinny-Dip
  • 15 - Board meeting (one week late)
  • 27-30 - Memorial weekend campout. Picnic and memorials Sunday. Lake open Monday

Tallahassee Naturally is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of naturist recreation in north Florida and nearby areas. The club is an affiliate member of both the Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Bare and Free is the official Newsletter of the Tallahassee Naturally Club. Articles appearing in Bare and Free may be reprinted by other naturist publications, provided that credit is given. Photos, however, may only be reprinted with written permission.

Club members are encouraged to submit, articles news items, and photos for publication. Please address all submission to: Tallahassee Naturally, P.O. Box 6866, Tallahassee FL, 32314 or To the Editor, 502 Airport Drive, Tallahassee, FL, 32304 or

Natuist Society

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Come to the Annual Meeting March 13

Sunday, March 13 is our Annual Business Meeting.  All members are expected to participate.  We will begin with a picnic at 1:00, followed by the meeting at 2:00.  The agenda includes annual reports, some bylaw proposals (listed below), a general discussion of how much leeway we want our board to have in making investment decisions, and election of officers for the coming year.  A short organizational meeting of the new board will follow.

If you are interested in serving on the board or any of our committees, let Paul or Grant know.  Our committees and their functions are:

  • Grounds: Mow the grass and maintain the facilities.
  • Political: Produce our Voters' Guide, and work with politicians as needed.
  • Social: Welcome new people, help out at picnics.
  • Land Search: Watch the ads, and inspect any land that looks promising.

You can also volunteer to host a picnic later in the year.

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Bylaw Proposals

Proposals 1 through 5 are housekeeping amendments to reflect changing times.They change nothing that we are presently doing.They can be passed in a block, unless someone wants them separated.Struck out wording is to be deleted, and italicized wording added.


1.Change FANR to AANR-Florida in

††††††††††† Article I, section B

††††††††††† Article IX, section B

††††††††††† Article XII, section A


2.In Article IV, section C-1, reduce the number of membership meetings in accordance with current practice, to read:


C.Other membership meetings (the intention is 2 or 3 1 or 2 additional meetings per year) shall be called when either:

1.The board has sufficient business requiring membership endorsement or guidance, or

2.15% of the membership petition for a meeting.


3.In Article V, section C-2g, eliminate Earth Day Program from the list of contact persons to be appointed.

Reason: That people's event has been taken over by government bureaucracies; we are no longer invited.


4.In Article IX, section A, repeal the over-optimistic newsletter schedule we set when we began electronic publication, and revert to the practical schedule we always followed before and since, to read:


A.The board shall appoint an editor, and establish a publication schedule of at least two major electronic issues a year plus monthly electronic updates when there is news about 5 issues a year, as news is available.In all matters concerning the newsletter, the editor shall have final say, but is subject to replacement by the board at any time.


5.In Article XI, section A-1, eliminate the reference to monthly grounds fees, which no longer exist.

6.  In Article V, section P, add the requirement that officers must receive a majority vote.

P.  Voting for president and board members shall be by secret ballot.  A show of hands can substitute when someone runs unopposed.  All successful candidates must receive at least 50% of the votes cast in that election.  (An unmarked ballot shall be counted as a vote of no confidence.)  If there were three or more candidates for a position, and none received a majority vote, a run-off election between the top two can be held immediately.  If no one receives 50% of the votes cast in an unopposed or two-person contest, the position shall remain open.

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We Have a Canoe

A fine old beat-up canoe has been donated to the club.  Paddles are stored in the building.  Be aware that, unlike our paddle boat, a canoe can tip very easily.  But on a calm lake like ours, you have to be doing something stupid to tip over a canoe.  Please follow these common-sense safety tips:

1.  Never stand in a canoe.

2.  Kneel on the bottom.  Don't sit up on the cross-braces.  (That shifts the center of gravity way too high.)

3.  Two people should not paddle on the same side.

4.  Since steering is done from the back, always put the most experienced canoeist back there.  That person had better know how to do a J-stroke, or you will go in circles.

5.  On a lake as small as ours, come into shore before switching positions.

6.  If you are paddling correctly, your bottom elbow will not bend.  If it does, you will wear yourself out quickly.

7.  A sunk canoe will still float.  It is your life-preserver.  Stay with the capsized canoe, and slowly tow it to a nearby shore.

If you would like a brief canoeing lesson, Paul has done that in Boy Scout camps.  Just ask.

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In Memoriam

Donna Padgett

Donna's long, long illness kept her away from the lake for many years.
Yet old-timers fondly remember
when she served as treasurer of this organization.
She was absolutely loyal,
and could handle even difficult people
with her constant cheerfulness.


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It's Time to Renew

Everyone's membership expires March 31.  Your $45 club membership buys you a vote, timely notification of club events, and reduced fees at the gate.  People who attend with any regularity usually prefer to pay their lake fees annually, rather than by the visit.

Renewing members are expected to deepen their commitment by joining at least one of the national organizations.  An American Association for Nude Recreation card will get you into most other clubs at a reduced rate.  They put out a monthly newspaper, and have scholarship competitions for students.  The Naturist Society is on the front lines, fighting to save free beaches.  They send you a more thoughtful publication--a quarterly magazine--and have free special interest groups you can join.  Most clubs also honor their card.

Here are the prices:


  • $45--person, couple, or family
  • $22--student

Annual lake fees

  • $155--person, couple, or family
  • $75--student

Daily lake fees (pay on arrival)

  • $20--non-member
  • $15--members
  • $7--student member


  • $68.50--couple
  • $38.00--single
  • $12.50--student


  • $55--household  ($100 for 2 years)
  • $45--student, senior citizen  ($80 for 2 years)

Bring your money to the lake, or mail a check to:


POB 6866

Tallahassee, FL 32314

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College Greek Athletic Meet is March 27

Our 16th annual College Greek Athletic Meet is scheduled for Sunday, March 27.  (Rain date is April 10.)  This is the world's only authentically nude re-enactment of the ancient Greek Pentathlon.  That's long jump, discus, 200-yard dash, and javelin--with a type of stand-up wrestling if needed as a tie-breaker.  No experience is needed.  Anyone of any age can compete, but the victory wreathes go to the top college student in each classification: male non-athlete, male athlete, female non-athlete, female athlete.

The last couple of years, some of our students have brought Greek food for a little picnic afterward.  You are invited to do the same.  You can find full details of the event at

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Wish List

  • lawn mower
  • gardening tools--fork, hoe, grass sling
  • a few more kitchen utensils
  • a few more good books
  • swing set

And donít forget that itís still not too late to get a building named after you.  We know exactly what each new building cost: $1,034.95 for the pavilion, and $849.22 (plus a lot of work) for the storage shed.  We will gladly name either building after any member who underwrites the cost.  Where else can you get a building named after yourself for so little?  Smaller donations are also welcome.

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The club now has a video tape of Calendar Girls, the real-life story of older English housewives who posed for a semi-nude calendar.  It should not be confused with the singularly-named Calendar Girl, which briefly shows a nude beach, as teenage boys try to meet Marilyn Monroe.  (Paul has that one.)

Sunburst Resort near Pensacola now requires clothing, and is no longer a nudist place.  Several years ago, the owner bought out his competition at Ethos Trace, and renamed it Riviera Naturist Resort.  That less developed club will apparently remain nudist.  In the last couple of years, Florida has lost four nudist resorts.  The other three (Caliente, Paradise Lakes, and Seminole) went for the swinger market, instead.  Developers planning to build a new south Florida resort called Terra Sol have decided not to.

Erich Shuttauf, the highly respected Executive Director of the American Association for Nude Recreation, has resigned.  AANR President Susan Weaver is running the national office while the board searches for a replacement.

We have the AANR Nudist Park Guide and the World Guide to Nude Beaches for sale.  Get a copy for yourself.

There is a cute little clock of naked men at  It is apparently available as a downloadable application for an iPhone or iPad.

Single men especially, remember the club in your will.  Or consider naming the club as beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

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