Volume 17 Number 4, July 2005

In this Issue:
Dates to Remember

  • 4: Lake open Monday

  • 4 -10: National Recreation Week
  • 10: OPEN HOUSE & Board meeting
  • 22: Full-Moon Skinny-Dip
  • 31: Picnic


  • 7-14: AANR Convention, Caliente near Tampa
  • 14: Board meeting
  • 19: Full-Moon Skinny-Dip
  • 28: Picnic & Seminar. Rob will host.


  • 5: Lake open Monday

  • 11: Board meeting
  • 16: Full-Moon Skinny-Dip
  • 25: Student activities & picnic. Richard will host.


Tallahassee Naturally is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of naturist recreation in north Florida and nearby areas. The club is an affiliate member of both the Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Bare and Free is the official Newsletter of the Tallahassee  Naturally Club.  Articles appearing in Bare and Free may be reprinted by other naturist publications, provided that credit is given. Photos, however, may only be reprinted with written permission.

Club members are encouraged to submit , articles news items, and photos for publication. Please address all submission to: Tallahassee Naturally, P.O. Box 6866, Tallahassee FL, 32314 or To the Editor, 502 Airport Drive, Tallahassee, FL, 32304 or

Natuist Society

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Open House July 10th

Celebrate Nude Recreation Week by coming to our Open House on Sunday, July 10. The day is free, but we always welcome donations to our Land fund and/or our Legal Fund.

Dress code for the day is:

10-11: clothed
11- 1: clothing-optional
  1- 4: nude

Among other displays, our newly-reconstituted club scrapbook will be available for your viewing and reminiscing. We will also have lots of old nudist magazines on sale. Let's see if we can get enough people for a rousing volleyball game.

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Fifteen Years at the Lake

On Nude Recreation Week, we will have rented the lake property for 15 years. While a few northern clubs rent a gymnasium or pool once a month during the winter, and a few others have free access to a nude ocean beach, we remain about the only naturist club using a rented lake.

The club organized in 1986. During the first four years, we rotated between a variety of free skinny-dipping spots in the national forest and a nude beach. One day, Rob, our newest member, was scouting out a pond in the Monticello area. But he found a lone fisherman there. He explained what he was doing, and the man said, "It sounds like you need a place like my brother has." He brought Rob to our present lake; a few days later, Steve and Paul came to check it out. Our second Annual Business Meeting was scheduled for Nude Recreation Week, so we notified everyone to meet at the lake.

We have no record of how many people showed up that Sunday in 1990--probably about ten. We decided to rent. We had seen too many pictures of other clubs with cars cluttering the background; starting that very first day, we marked off the parking lot, and insisted that cars be kept out of the activity areas, except for brief unloading.

Membership had hardly grown during our sinkhole years. But with a safe and legal place, our numbers suddenly tripled from 17 to 45. There was lots of trash to be picked up and hauled out. Our new members jumped in to help. With so much enthusiasm, we set attendance records through the late fall that we have never been able to match.

Three times over the years, we have dumped a load of sand on the slippery clay beach; and we have graveled the road at least twice. We cut a nature trail around the lake in 1992; and just last year, we added a lean-to on the building.

The club will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year.

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Last fall's hurricanes left our lake very full. Tropical Storm Arlene in early June brought the lake to overflowing. At the June board meeting, we had minnows swimming through our lawn--something we have never seen before. The water is back in the lakebed now, but we again caution people to stay in the solid track on our entrance road. Cutting up the soft shoulder means we have to rake out every inch of your mess before we can mow the lawn.

A beautiful swallow-tailed kite has frequently been soaring over our lake this summer. They usually swoop for fish. But during the brief yellow fly season (now thankfully over) we watched the bird dive-bombing the pine trees to catch the pesky flies.

Because of construction, we temporarily moved the meeting place for our Full-Moon Skinny-Dips to the FSU library parking lot. Construction has finished sooner than we expected; but because our advertising is paid up through July, we will meet by the library one more time. In August, we return to our usual spot in the parking lot south of the FSU bookstore. If you are going directly to the lake, let Paul know at (850) 222-1886 or If turnout is small and we don't know you are there, we might not come to meet you.

Paul is in charge of the Professors & Researchers Special Interest Group of the Naturist Society. Their latest electronic newsletter contains newspaper clippings of this year's revival of college streaking in the New England states. Let Paul know if you would like to receive a copy.

Having a club member living at Paradise Lakes is handy. In June, Doug was able to represent us at the FANR Convention at nearby Caliente. Don't forget that the national AANR convention will also be at Caliente in August and there will be a second Florida Naturist Gathering this year in October at Lake Como. All of these resorts are in the Tampa area.

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