Volume 15
Number 3, April 2003

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Things Are Starting to Happen at the Lake

Many Florida Newsletters Soon On the Internet

Five-Club Picnic Succeeds

Cell Phones and Cameras

Naturist Youth Opportunities In Florida

Calendar of Coming Events

Time to Renew

Things Are Starting to Happen at the Lake

An unusually cold winter delayed the warming of the lake, but the water is getting comfortable now. The April picnic brought the best spread of home-cooked food in recent memory. There were some mighty tasty salads.

For the convenience of our physically challenged members, we have constructed a new toilet near the parking lot entrance. (The old one is still available for campers.) Many thanks go to Don for the carpentry and construction. Thanks also to Grant for help on the labor.

Don also made a fine bench for the picnic area. And we are working to get the Nature Trail cleared and re-labeled soon.

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Many Florida Newsletters Soon On the Internet

From now on, our newsletters will be posted on our club web site: They will also be posted on the Florida Naturist Newsletter Bulletin Board: Florida Naturist Newsletter Florida Naturist Newsletter This is the place to go for news from any club in Florida. (Confidential information, such as directions to a party at someone's house, will be placed in the cover notification to you, and will not be posted anywhere.)

The Bulletin Board came about at our club's request during the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival. So far as we know, we are the only club that has for years posted every incoming newsletter on our clubhouse bulletin board, so that all of our members could read them. With many clubs going electronic, you can now read their news in the comfort of your living room.

Credit for doing the actual work of setting this up goes to the leader of the Wildfyre Society, a large gay group. Florida clubs belonging to the American Association for Nude Recreation, The Naturist Society, Gay Naturists International, or no national organization have all been invited to join.

When you log onto the site, you will be asked to confirm that you are 18 or older. Do NOT ask to join the group; only editors do that. Just click on FILES. There is a folder for each Florida club. Because the site is so new, most of those folders are still empty. Our club will probably be the first to post a current newsletter on the bulletin board. Editors from these and other organizations have indicated their intent to post their next issues:

Florida Association for Nude Recreation (FANR)
Central Florida Gay Nudists
Florida Keys Naturists
Tampa Area Naturists
Tallahassee Naturally
Wildfyre Society (one back issue already posted)

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Five-Club Picnic Succeeds

The three-club picnic at Sunny Oaks Haven on April 5 turned out to be a five-club event. In addition to a large contingent from the Northeast Florida Naturists of Jacksonville, members of the Bare Buddies of Atlanta happened to be camping over that weekend. And we met a representative of another group we had not heard of before: the Nude Hiking Club of Jacksonville. There were 31 people present--11 of them from our club.

It was the biggest event since Sunny Oaks Haven opened more than a year ago. There was probably twice as much food as we have ever seen at one of our picnics--real home-cooked stuff that wasn't bought on the way out.

Without a lake, a nearby population base, or an assistant, the owner of Sunny Oaks Haven has had to struggle. But the place now boasts an above-ground pool, shower building, separate restroom, hookups for RVs, and courts for volleyball and petanque. The landscaping is young, but should provide needed shade in future years.

In all likelihood, a multi-club event like this will probably become a part of our annual calendar.

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Time to Renew

If you haven't renewed your membership in the last few weeks, check your pulse, because you have expired.

More and more of our members are discovering the ease and economy of paying annual lake fees, rather than messing with daily or monthly payments. Here is the fee schedule:

Tallahassee Naturally--annual membership
$ 45 single/couple/family
$ 30 single student

Tallahassee Naturally--lake rental fee (FREE for female members & children)
$135 one year (starting at the beginning of any month)
$ 25 one month (starting at the beginning of the month)
$ 10 one day (pay on arrival)
(Male students: $5 a day, or $15 a month)

Remember that renewing members are generally expected to join one of the national organizations. Those fees are:

The Naturist Society (Club membership required)
$ 50 single/couple/family
$ 40 student/senior citizen

American Association for Nude Recreation (Club membership required)
$ 54.50 couple
$ 31.00 single
$ 12.50 student

Bring your money to the lake, or send a check to:
Tallahassee Naturally
POB 6866
Tallahassee, FL 32314

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Cell Phones and Cameras

There are now digital cameras that look like cell phones. The Naturist Society has issued an alert that voyeurs are starting to use such cameras on nude beaches. Some of those illicit pictures are showing up on the Internet.

Most people come to our lake to get away from workaday interruptions like telephones. But because the club has no central telephone, we recognize the usefulness of mobile phones--especially in case of an emergency. We do ask, however, that you place or receive calls away from people. You would probably want to do that for your own privacy. Please do it also to relieve any concerns of people around you.

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Naturist Youth Opportunities In Florida

Weekend activities for children under 10

Cypress Cove: Lots of arts and crafts. Offered most weekends in the summertime. They do more of the same for five days in a row during their annual day camp.

Lake Como: On certain weekends, parents get together to put on lots of physical activities. Emphasis is on family, more so than on a separate kids' program.

Week-long camps for teens

JFANR Camp: (age 11-15--moves from resort to resort with the FANR Convention) This has become mostly a social event, with emphasis on team-building and trips to amusement parks. JFANR provides tents, and staff does the cooking.

Leadership Academy: (age 15-20--meets with JFANR camp) Besides helping with the younger kids, this group participates in many discussions about drug-free natural living.

Camp Tallasun: (age 11-17--Tallahassee Naturally) This 1996 camp could be offered again whenever there are enough children. It emphasizes merit-badge-like individual accomplishment and developing one's own philosophy of living naturally in nature.

Events for college students

Annual College Greek Athletic Meet: (Tallahassee Naturally) A day of authentic ancient pentathlon attracting students from several surrounding colleges, and those from distant states visiting Florida for spring break. Athletes and non-athletes compete in separate classifications.

Full-Moon Skinny-Dips: (Tallahassee Naturally) Monthly campfire and marshmallows during the warm months--attracting mostly college students. Overnight camping is an option.

Nude U: (age 18-26--meets with JFANR camp) Besides helping with the younger kids, this group meets to discuss forming nude campus organizations back home.

Awards for students

Junior Man & Junior Woman of the Year (age 5-17): Winners of the $25 FANR essay contest move on to the $100 AANR competition.

AANR Junior Award for Nudist Studies (age 5-22): $300 for the best nudist-related school project submitted for a grade.

American Nudist Research Library scholarship: $1,000 to a high school senior or graduate within the last two years. Requirements include 3 years in a nudist organization and a brief essay.

FANR scholarships: $2,000 awarded to two college students each year. Requirements include 18 months of AANR membership and an essay. Graduate students are eligible, but scoring is weighted in favor of younger students.

Naturist Education Foundation scholarship: $1,000 for a publishable scholarly article (competitions twice a year). Must be a current TNS member (possibly just joined) and a current college student. Graduate students are eligible.

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Calendar of Coming Events


Saturday, May 10--Beach trip. For details, time, directions, or car pooling, call Paul at (850) 222-1886.

Friday, May 16--First Full-Moon Skinny-Dip of the year. (A blast of cold weather canceled the April event.) This is largely a college student event. Because of road closings, we are having to move our gathering place across the street to the parking lot south of the FSU bookstore. We leave at 7:00. If you are planning to drive out directly to the lake, be sure to let Paul know. Otherwise, we might possibly look around the parking lot and decide there are not enough people to make the trip worthwhile, and you could find nobody at the lake to meet you.

Saturday, May 24 through Monday, May 26--Memorial weekend campout. Bring a tent and make yourself at home.

Sunday, May 25--Picnic and Seminar. Bring a passing dish. We eat at 2:00; Paul is host. We forgot to call on Doug at the last picnic, so this time he will tell us about his recent trip to a nudist resort in Brazil.

Monday, May 26--The lake is open.


5-13 Nude U, Lake Como near Tampa
8 Board meeting
8-13 JFANR camp, Lake Como
13 Full-Moon Skinny-Dip
13-15 FANR Convention, Lake Como
28 Pool party at Cal & Jennifer's
29 Picnic


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Tallahassee Naturally is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of naturist recreation in north Florida and nearby areas. The club is an affiliate member of both The Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Bare & Free is the official quarterly newsletter of Tallahassee Naturally. It is sent electronically, though a hard copy may be requested by leaving a message at the club's web page : Articles appearing in Bare & Free may be reprinted by other naturist publications, provided that credit is given. Photos, however, may only be reprinted with written permission.

Club members are strongly encouraged to submit articles, news items, and photos for publication. Please address all submissions to: Tallahassee Naturally, P.O. Box 6866, Tallahassee, FL 32314, or contact the editor:  Jamie M. Smith