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Annual Business Meeting March 9

Bylaw Proposals

College Greek Athletic Meet March 23

Membership:  We Get Them Young

Naturist Festival Proves Productive

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Note from the Editor

2003 Calendar

Annual Business Meeting March 9


            Our Annual Business Meeting, election of officers, and picnic take place March 9 this year.  We will eat at 1:00, and meet at 2:00.  Bring food to share. (Note from the editor:  If you don’t want to come for the meeting, come for the food and “fellowship”.  To me the spice of a meal is the people I eat with.)

            We have weighty matters to discuss.  One concerns technology.  As we and other clubs switch to electronic newsletters, we are all having to re-examine our policies of disclosure and privacy.  Like it or not, the age of technology is upon us, and we have to make some bylaw decisions.

            The other big area of consideration involves money and land.  Unlike many other organizations this year, we have made a small profit.  But some income intended for the Land Fund had to be used to cover general expenses.  We will vote on a controversial proposal to lower annual lake fees from $135 to $125, which some people think will actually bring in more money--or at least simplify the bookkeeping.

            The Thalheimer estate has taken longer than expected to clear probate, but the $15,000 in matching funds is now available.  We have one year to use it or lose it.  That means buying land.  But unless we grow back to our former size, we will not have the cash flow to cover mortgage payments.   Come and see what you think of a proposal to bypass the bank by offering attractive incentives to a few investors.

            We are also scheduled to vote on a new logo--provided that designs have been submitted by March 1.

            All board positions are up for re-election, and all committee members are up for reappointment.  Our committees include Social, Political, Land Search, and Grounds.  If you are interested in helping to lead in any way, let Grant know before the meeting.

            Persons who absolutely cannot attend the meeting can send in absentee ballots.  (Make up your own, indicating your vote on each question, or choice for each office.)  Absentee ballots must be in a sealed envelope, with an explanatory cover letter outside.  Members must vote to accept your reason for non-attendance before the envelope is opened.

            Whatever you do, don't miss the meeting.  Too many important decisions hang in the balance.  Besides, it's time to celebrate the end of an unusually cold winter.


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Bylaw Proposals


Proposal I--Establish a waiting period before putting former members on the board.


Amend Article V, Section B-1 by adding the italicized wording, to read:


B.  Qualifications

1.  Any paid-up member is eligible for election or appointment to the board of directors after attending two membership meetings, or one membership meeting and two board meetings.  These may include the meeting at which he or she is elected.   Persons whose club membership has lapsed more than a year must requalify.   Candidates are subject to these restrictions:

a.  No two members of a married or social couple shall serve on the board at the same time.

b.  Persons holding dual membership may not serve simultaneously on the boards of two clubs.


Proposal 2--Bring computer terminology up to date.


Amend Article V, Section I by deleting the crossed out term, and substituting the italicized one, to read:


I.  The board shall annually appoint a legal advisor, a bookkeeper, an electronic mail co-ordinator a webmaster, and a newsletter editor.  These persons may, but need not, be board members, and may hold other offices. All appointments are subject to change at any time.


Proposal 3--Make privacy adjustments for an electronic newsletter.


Amend Article IX--Sections A and C by deleting crossed-out words, and adding italicized wording, to read:


A.  The board shall appoint an editor, and establish a publication schedule of at least four two major issues a year plus monthly electronic updates when there is news.  In all matters concerning the newsletter, the editor shall have final say, but is subject to replacement by the board at any time.

C.  No member's recognizable picture shall be published without previous written permission.  Members may request in writing that their last names not be mentioned in the newsletter.

                 These are the rules concerning protection of privacy:

                        1.  No member's recognizable picture shall be published without previous written permission.

                        2.  Last names, personal telephone numbers, and directions to anyone's house shall never be accessible from unsecured sites on the Internet, except by written permission.  These matters can be placed in a secure "Members Only"  site or section, or sent directly to members.  People may even request in writing that such information be distributed nowhere--except under subsection 3.

                        3.  Club members are entitled to know the identity of all club officials, including persons in important appointed positions down as far as committee chairs.  That information shall be communicated to all members after the Annual Business Meeting or any other significant change of leadership.

                        4.  All opinion pieces (including letters to the editor) must be signed.  The author can request that distribution of his or her message be restricted to members only.


Proposal 4--[a continuation of Proposal 3--to be voted on separately]


                        5.  Provided that none of the above principles are violated, the board has the option of making current issues of the newsletter accessible to the public by posting on the club's web page or on a legitimate newsletter exchange site.


[Point of information:  The board has no immediate plans to post the newsletter on our web site (though the Bay Bares have been doing it for years).  But things are changing fast.  An electronic Florida newsletter exchange bulletin board will probably be operational by the time we vote on this.]


Proposal 5--Acknowledge dress codes for special events.


Amend Article X, Section D, by adding the italicized wording, to read:


D.  The first visit is clothing-optional for women and children.  Otherwise, this is a nudist club (hygiene and comfort permitting).  The board can set special dress codes for special events.


Proposal 6--Clarify annual grounds fee.


Amend Article XI, Section A-7, by adding the italicized wording, to read:


7.  There are generally no refunds of membership or grounds fees.  However, in the event that someone moves from the area or the club loses its land, annual grounds fees may be converted to the monthly rate, and any remaining balance refunded.  An annual grounds fee is valid only with a current membership.


Proposal 7--Move political candidate evaluation from the Procedure Manual into the Bylaws.


Amend Article XI, Section D-3 by adding the italicized wording, to read:


            3.  The legal fund may be spent only on expenses related to combatting anti-nudity legislation, evaluating political candidates, or the defense of club members arrested for nudity, as authorized by the board.  It is not available for borrowing.  Use of legal funds for any other purpose requires two weeks' notice to current members, and unanimous consent of those present at a membership meeting.


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College Greek Athletic Meet March 23


            Our eighth annual nude College Greek Athletic Meet is scheduled for March 23 (rain date: April 6).  Year after year, this event attracts a small group of enthusiastic college students who re-enact the ancient pentathlon.  (If you have to ask, that's long jump, discus, 200-yard dash, and javelin--with stand-up wrestling as a tie-breaker if needed.)

            Anyone of any age can compete, but the traditional victory wreaths of leaves are reserved for the best college student in each entry classification: male athlete, male non-athlete, female athlete, or female non-athlete.  No experience necessary.  Just come out and give it the old college try.  The idea is to recreate the atmosphere of the ancient Greek gymnasium, which emphasized a well developed mind in a well developed body.

            The schedule is:

10:00  registration begins

11:00  demonstration and practice in the ancient methods

1:00  competition

            For details, go to . For any additional questions, call Paul at (850) 222-1886.


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Membership:  We Get Them Young


            An article in the January Bulletin pointed out that AANR clubs are best at recruiting people over the age of 55.  Our club has always had a younger membership than most.  That is partly because we are recruiting people at far younger ages than the average AANR club.  Our current members joined our club at these ages:

  0‑9     10%

10‑19     2%

20‑29   19%

30‑39   17%

40‑49   30%

50‑59   21%

60‑69     2%


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Naturist Festival Proves Productive


Last weekend, Paul and Doug attended the Midwinter Naturist Festival at Sunsport Gardens near West Palm Beach.  At our urging, an electronic bulletin board is being created for the posting of newsletters from all Florida clubs.  We expect to let you know the URL in our next issue.

            Over the past few years, Florida clubs have done such a good job of getting sympathetic candidates elected to the state legislature, that South Florida Free Beaches' lobbyist thinks a resolution mildly supporting the local option of declaring a nude beach might actually pass.  A committee will begin drafting possible language for review by all Florida clubs affiliated with The Naturist Society.  In no way do we want to tinker with existing state law that has been interpreted in our favor.

            Other parts of the country are not so fortunate.  We heard reports that indoor winter swims at municipal pools have come under attack in New England, the Great Lakes region, and western Canada.  Most of those after-hours private swimming arrangements have been going on for years without raising any controversy.

Florida does face a different threat.  Governor Jeb Bush is trying to close down the State Library and State Archives. (which are two entities under one roof).  Reports keep shifting as to where each part end up, and whether public information available in the Archives will in fact remain public. In the past, our club has aided in the Canaveral Nudity Law Suits by looking up Legislative Committee Testimony in the Archives so a court could determine intend.

            Paul led a workshop for the Professors and Researchers Special Interest Group of The Naturist Society.  He also conducted a heavily attended workshop on informing politicians of naturist family values.

Before Doug and Paul arrived, many naturists had lain down on the public beach to form a nude peace sign.  This idea started in California in November, and has quickly spread around the country and around the world.  For photographs, go to  To prevent arrests, a federal judge had issued a restraining order against the Florida State Parks System because such expression of public opinion is timely.We later found great demand for our new peace flier at the gathering.

The FANR board had met on the previous weekend.Though they ducked the issue of an electronic newsletter exchange, our club did get them to again buy the new AANR park guides in bulk for resale to small clubs at cost plus postage.


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Note from the Editor


I am highly considering retiring as editor.  I have simplified the design so it will be easier for someone else to take over.  The March 9th meeting will cover technology issues.  PLEASE SHOW UP.  Hearing the voices of members about the newsletter can help me make a decision.  I don’t want to leave the club high and dry as I feel my word to commit to something is important.  But I also don’t like to feel that the new format (electronic) is being forced on members.  I also would like to see other VOICES, articles, editors, pictures, anything being offered by other members.  The board has now made newsletter dates, which I am very happy for (though the dates still need some adjustments).  If at least two of the “average” member, submitted an article, picture, editorial, ANYTHING, my frustration with some of the process (leading to me wanting to retire) would be minimized.  I want this newsletter to meet the needs of all members if I am the editor.  My gut feeling is telling me, that the newsletter might not be meeting the need of the members.  I will be at the March 9th meeting!  Please SHOW UP and express your VOICE.  Unfortunately, I don’t get out to the Lake enough to hear the voices of members, but for me, as editor of YOUR newsletter, YOUR voice is very important.  I need to hear member voices regarding the newsletter.  I will be present on the 9th and HEAR what members say.

 News from Other Clubs


Hidden River over toward Jacksonville has announced their third annual Nudie Blues weekend April 24-27. For details, visit their web page

Sunny Oaks Haven at Live Oak will experiment this summer by doing away with grounds fees, and relying entirely on donations from visitors. For instance, members of all nearby clubs are invited to attend their barbecues the first and third weekends of each summer month. An additional $5 donation for food is suggested.

There will be a naturist excursion to the Florida Keys May 29 to June 2. The $500 price tag is a bargain at Key West prices--and it includes a free membership in the Naturist Society.  For more details, check out

2003 Calendar



9 Annual Business Meeting, election of officers & picnic

23 College Greek athletic meet (rain date: Apr. 6)

31 Everybody's membership expires



11 First Full-Moon Skinny-Dip

13 Board meeting

27 Picnic & seminar


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